Why Taking A Break Can Be Healthy

Everyone needs a break, if it be from work, school, friends, even husbands and wives need breaks from one another. I don’t mean a break like Ross and Rachel from friends, I mean like a coffee break! A break that gives a breather, a little space to help slow things down, feel your present self, … Continue reading Why Taking A Break Can Be Healthy



A power struggle which can seem quite difficult between parents and their children. Many times when I hear the word adolescent it seems to be tagged to a negative connotation, for example the definition in the dictionary is; growing to manhood or womanhood, youthful. What a lovely definition until I scrolled down and read the … Continue reading Adolescents

Free Goal Setting Support

Goal Setting Worksheet Use the worksheet attached to set some new goals. You can achieve almost anything you set your mind to, Your key ingredient's are planning and determination. Fear is an obstacle, UNDERSTANDING THAT YOU WILL SURVIVE YOUR FEAR IS MEDICINAL.   SUMMER