How To Manage Anger

It made me so angry, I was seething, I could feel my jaw clench and my head about to explode. Amongst my family I’m known for having a volcanic temper, I’m very aware of it myself, therefore I have spent years working on controlling it. First things first I had to recognise it happening and … Continue reading How To Manage Anger


THANK YOU  to Amna from for her very kind nomination. Truthfully I never know if my blog reaches many or if people like it. I write regardless, I suppose there's only so much a girl can talk to herself before getting bored of her own company....ahem actually I never bore myself lol, I can talk … Continue reading

Why Persevere!

Have you ever worked so hard for something to get to the point of no satisfaction? Do you ever recall going so far with what you were pursuing to eventually feel that it's a waste of time? What if just as you were throwing in the towel someone said "wait, keep going, there'll be rewards … Continue reading Why Persevere!


A power struggle which can seem quite difficult between parents and their children. Many times when I hear the word adolescent it seems to be tagged to a negative connotation, for example the definition in the dictionary is; growing to manhood or womanhood, youthful. What a lovely definition until I scrolled down and read the … Continue reading Adolescents


We've just come out of our second week in January, Congratulations to anyone that's stayed with their new plan for the year, in support of making it through to the third week, here is some motivation.

Be Unstoppable

Motivational Inspiration Lunch and dinners for a week and an evening snack A motivational picture which reminds me I’ll be fit again. My reward this week will be with a healthy takeaway of grilled chicken and salad My willpower mode is in another week I will see results for myself.