What Do You Yearn

I forgot what I liked, what I yearned for, kind of lost myself for a while but laying here on a beach I have discovered in the corner of my mind still exist my longed for life, the voices of this life are beginning to shout to the prefrontal cortex. I am now more fully aware than I have been in a while.

I’ve come to realise that the reason I have lost my inner being is because I have managed to drown my mind with outside negativity, matters that don’t apply to my way of thinking or my life, I can metaphorically explain it as a cluttered cupboard, which occasionally needs airing and dusting.

If I ask myself what do I yearn

I yearn peace of mind and to not be hindered by negative thoughts that impinge on my dreams. I yearn my mind to be clear to be able to think up my next ‘want’ my next venture.

When my mind is unclouded I can allow myself to sit with my thoughts and dreams of being by the beach, having my own place in the sun, shopping for food, making a lunch for when I return from the beach.

Reading about things that inspire me or empower me.

Listen to music, dance, think of absolutely nothing. Bike rides, gym. Having conversations with like minded people.

It is only when your mind is quite that you can begin to really see what’s in front of you and absorb it. When I’m by the sea I can feel more element than one, I can feel the energy from the sun, the consistent change of temperature of the ocean which reminds me to never stay complacent, the stone and sands remin


ds me of how things are forever changing to make history, the breeze and warm air that bring me to right now. All in all, together it reminds me how much greater  the world is and any thoughts I may have that bare a weight on my shoulders just disappear.

Right now I am present. My heart is full and recharged, my mind is empty like a blank canvas, ready for a new beginning as is everyday a new beginning.

If I can encourage people to do one thing, it would be to declutter your mind and restock. All dreams are possible if you at least dare to declutter and dream.


Summer x


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