When running doesn’t help, be still and listen to the voices

It’s only when you remove yourself from a situation that you realise how much the situation has consumed you. If you have removed yourself and feel the space become available in your mind for your surroundings, allow yourself to absorb it and become aware of the thoughts and feelings that come and go. Let it become your breathing space, draw from the energy around you and if any positives from within you. Encouraging yourself to become mindful of what is important to you and what isn’t important.

When you have changed your setting and the issue is still on your mind then you know how much harder you need to work at letting go, the fact that it still inhibits your mind negatively shows that it must be treated as you would an infection. 

Sometimes getting away seems like a great idea, some may feel they are escaping the issue, you can’t escape or run from anything that lives inside you. What you can do is remove yourself from the noise of chaos just so you can hear and feel with a little more clarity. I can assure you that whichever beautiful scenic view you escape to it will never be enough to escape what lurks in your mind and in some cases my feels like its eating at you. Until you really allow yourself to delve into these thoughts and feelings and however painful it is to look at, they will always affect you as they do that very moment. Maybe it is like picking at a scab, painful, but to heal emotionally we have to be prepared to feel wounded before we heal.

It is from the paradox that we learn, without loss would we understand gain, without death do we appreciate life, without hate do we accept love and without sadness do we value happiness. So our lessons are in the wounds itself, brace yourself to feel a little sore possibly, but know its going to be okay.

There is no correct way to manage your own mind but I know that it’s a constant maintenance to keep your mind healthy, the same method may not always work, just as a stubborn stain on a shirt, I would usually use Ace but one day I used toothpaste and it worked. 

We are forever evolving


Summer x

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