Bucket List

I’ve changed it to 

F@&K It List

Because you know what makes you feel good and you know what doesn’t, we don’t need a list to remind us what we want, we have our instincts and that is the best guidance you could follow. When we make hard fast rules, we are under the illusion they should be followed. Things change from day to day, week to week, so whats to say that the rules you make one week are going to work for you a month from now. Maybe thats why many New year Resolutions are broken by February. I probably sound like I’m contradicting myself from January when I wrote about NYR’s but thats the whole point of this post, you can sign yourself up for anything but you can also check yourself out at any given time because you have choices.

No rules

No commitments

Do what feels good to you


Your allowed to change your mind

Follow your gut

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