Self Worth

I speak for myself when I say that trying to keep up with what others may see as satisfactory living can be extremely overwhelming, especially when its something that doesn’t fill you with happiness. Trying to break the norm of conforming to these conventional ideologies can be very frightening, after all it means you’ll be opening yourself up to much criticism and negative opinions.

What usually holds us in this place is usually our own self worth.

To know your self worth you first must let go of the judgements of other.





There are people who readily have the answer to your problem or are quick to criticise and devalue your thoughts, some may chip away at your insecurities; like the aunt who was quick to say “you still have a belly” after giving birth a month earlier, might I add that it took all the strength in me to bite down on my tongue not say what was in my head “yes so do you and how are your grandkids”

People can be mean but the truth is we need to chose our battles wisely, you can’t take on the world and you don’t want to make enemies every where you go.

I am a people person but I have come to accept not everyone shares my thoughts or will understand my way of thinking. I am more mindful of the people I share my emotions, thoughts and insecurities with. Most importantly I have learned to trust my self by validating my self worth.

Find your Self Worth

  • Disconnect or unfollow anyone that has a lot of dramas or negativity. It’s true that you are influenced by the people you associate yourself with. So keep it positive and healthy.
  • Set some boundaries, if someone expresses their negative comments or criticism politely change conversation.
  • Write a journal, including your thoughts, ideas and feelings, good days and bad days, admitting your shitty days to yourself is empowering and a stepping stone for your self growth. Once you’ve figured your own answers you won’t allow anyone to project they’re negative opinions.
  • Who inspires you? Who do you look up to? What can you learn from these positive figures?

This has worked for me and I can only hope that my kids will find they’re own self worth.

Here and now I do what I can especially if it makes me feel good, I have deactivated facebook and only spend time with people who feed my soul. I can’t sing to save my life but I will sing all day everyday because it makes me happy. You deserve to experience life your way, happy with a tag that says priceless because that is your worth.



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