Finally I lost enough weight to wear that green dress I bought about 5 years ago, I only needed to lose a few pounds but I still couldn’t help feeling like a fat fairy when I tried it on. When I bought this dress I envisaged an elegant lady, like the ones you see at the Ascots. I could already see myself walking with elegance while the mid length dress flowed around my legs, just below my knees. However, when I wore the dress all I saw was a short and frumpy lady with a bit too much weight to pull of this beautiful dress.

As a preplanned surprise my husband was going to take me out. No mention of where, just simply saying wear a nice dress, so with all my glee and new svelte poise I pulled out the long awaited to be worn green dress and slipped into it….did you read that, I said slipped, yep because I didn’t look like a fat fairy anymore! I say this while I stretch my body and pull my shoulders back like the cat thats got the cream.

We jumped in a cab and made our way to the surprise venue, I was excited and enthralled by anticipation, I was wearing my beautiful green dress and a huge teeth revealing smile, my eyes were wide open, probably creepy wide but thats because I was trying so hard to look out for the surprise venue. As we turned the corner, I looked up in Aw to see a huge billboard with the words ‘Wicked’, I impulsively screeched “wow, we’re going to watch Wicked!”, the cab pulled up and like an excited child I jumped out the cab and that’s when it hit me…I’m wearing a fucking green dress. I noticed people looking over at me, either assuming I was a huge fan or I am the casted witch.

It was just then I realised that no one would have noticed if I had a little more weight on me, what I saw as the fat fairy was nothing but my own internal demons and insecurities, on the outside I was nothing more nothing less and appreciated regardless.


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