If You Want Justice

I start this post with last weekend my daughters God brother was stabbed, four times, for no reason. I want to emphasise that he was simply walking through a park in broad daylight, with his friends when he was approached by 3 boys and attacked. I would like to say he is fine because the wounds are healing but the physical wounds at this point are not the problem. We have succumbed to be grateful that he is alive and it wasn’t worse. However, there is much more to consider e.g. how has this impacted on his view of the outside world? how safe does he feel? does he wonder how he’s nearest and dearest are when they go out? does he now worry for them? has innocence been taken away; having to now be vigilant of his surroundings, throwing a teenage boy into adulthood, speculating of potential risks whereas it should be the best time of his life.

How has it affected the people around him, to think he could have been taken away forever in just that moment? The notion of their safety measures was nothing but rose tinted glasse’s. The idea that things may need to change and how safe can you ever be when your trying to protect you and your family from random people with knives, day and night.

The case is now in the hands of the police, every day there is another line up to try find the culprits. Surprisingly the police have worked fast but when I look at the bigger picture, the scale of knife crime in the UK, I realise the police have not worked fast enough.

To make the system work for us as a society we need to trust the system, unite together and not be afraid to speak up.

One of the biggest problems is that people do not want to make statements because they are scared of repercussions. One would be extremely lucky if a bystander gives a witness statement and many could learn from these actions.

On the other hand many would steer from making a statement in fear of being persecuted, in gang related situations they may have exaggerated thoughts such as; what if they come after my family. Speaking to a criminal lawyer, this is not likely. If statements are being made, its likely that there is enough evidence for justice to be served, meaning that they will be sent to prison, where they’ll no doubt learn the error of their ways.

There are situations where there’s a connection between a witness and the criminal whether it be an acquaintance of some sort or they go to the same school/live in the same area the pressure to do the correct thing can be paralysing. Can you sleep well at night knowing that you had the power to keep people safe and what if this person stabbed one of your own. You have a choice and its that choice you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life. If you want a better world for your kids in the future then this is your time to help build that world.

Some times people have been pressured into doing something they don’t want to do but feel obligated by loyalty, leading them into conflicting situations. Its your choice which challenge you wish to take on, the ones with your so called friends that want to hurt someone which will incriminate you or the challenge to standing up for yourself and refusing to collude.

You have a choice and with that you have support.

If you have or know anyone that needs to give a statement, encourage them to make the statement because it doesn’t stop there, the next person may not be so lucky, the next person maybe someone dear to you. These criminals make society feel vulnerable, they steal our freedom and our innocence but if we fight together, push every bit of evidence and fight with the justice system on our side we have more chance to help shape our future for our children’s children.

To those of you that hold knives or know of someone who does, I believe your looking for respect. Respect cannot be earned through fear or force.

The ones who have used the knives, maybe your looking to install fear in people, so that you’ll be noticed, you may feel worthy, when in fact you have no self worth. While you still hold that knife understand that your life is already over, you’ve picked the fastest and shortest life.


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