Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 09.19.12.pngDoesn’t matter how good a thing you got, if its not moving in the way it should be moving, you need to let go because one day it just could end up in the place you never wished it to.

When you have a dream and you want that dream so much you set your sail in the direction you want to go and set sail, always readjusting your sail. That’s how I stay focused.

But there are times when the wind blows too strong and your sail can’t withstand the force and the sail doesn’t work for you anymore, no matter how much you love that sail, you have to get rid of it to salvage what’s left of your ship and to keep moving towards your dream.

These are the turbulent times, when you feel all of natures forces are against you. For me the worst is having to let go of the sail, the beautiful sheet, which at one time stayed strong and pushed through the wind, indestructibly tearing through the ocean.

There are different ways to deal with this, you can let go and remain with your tender memories, or you can hold on till it ruins you, till you hate it. Personally I would rather count my losses and have the pinning memories, however painful it is to let go.

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