Jumping Out The Comfort Zone

I have mentioned that I am someone who fears almost everything, I’m scared of heights the most.

However, I am also scared of anything I don’t know or understand and am too scared too learn in case what I find out scares me more.

A few years ago we decided to drive through Italy. I mapped out where we were going but it did not cross my mind to consider if we will cross mountains. I only realised when we were heading towards the Alps, Gulp! Anyway that instilled a bigger fear in me but at the same time I would never had done it if I knew about the Alps and equally my eyes would never have seen anything so beautiful. That was the greatest learning curve.

In the park where I walk the dogs, there is a mid section that goes through bushes, for years I was overly cautious and feared walking through as I worried about what may be lurking in there, but looking back I was being overly cautious. One day I decided to walk through after years of going round, after years of taking the safe route, the safe route with no guarantees of safety or adventure. I walked through the midsection with a little apprehension, shoulders tense till my shoulders fell again. It was a tight path, with bushes and tall trees every where, walking through was nothing like I anticipated, the view pushed away all the doubts and fears to one side, making way to the Divine beauty of nature surpassing any fears I had. Nowadays it is through this midsection that I take in the tranquil surroundings through deep long breathes and feel my existential presence. Coming out of your comfort isn’t always easy but knocks will make you wise and the satisfactions will give you memories, none of which can be achieved while still within your comfort zone.

Everything I have feared has always held a beautiful side, something to really appreciate. I’ve learned that Understanding that you will survive your fear is medicinal. This doesn’t stop me fearing but it encourages me to push.

11 thoughts on “Jumping Out The Comfort Zone

  1. Ravisingh says:

    Well conceived and very well written! I loved the last line of this post!
    How are you mam! hw is your family. u had become invisible.Busty?
    Nice to see u back!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. frazzledagain says:

    I started changing my way of thinking after I read Lucinda Bassett’s book about anxiety and fears, now to over come them. Then there were tapes as well, going through a form of meditation. I laid down and closed my eyed litening to them and falling asleep. After a while I did ny own self help tape, thinking hearing my own voice would make it more believable. I will look up the name of the book a little later and share some more tips.


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