A huge shout out and THANK YOU to Sarish https://sarishboo.com for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I enjoy reading through the journey of her experiences, she shares honestly and  positivity.

The rules of this award are:

*Write 7 interesting facts about you

*Nominate 10+ amazing bloggers for the award


I have been saving up for over 15 years to travel when I’m older. I’m now older and my first trip is in June to Japan

  1. I love exercising, I may even be addicted…and I’m still chunky
  2. I fear almost everything
  3. I’m a Marvel fan, my favourite is the Hulk
  4. When I was young my aunts Labrador dog who lived across the road would come and wait for me outside my house and walk me to school every day, I decided to get a Labrador of my own this year.
  5. My kids insist on me baking them a birthday cake even though it ALWAYS comes out dry. I take pleasure in watching people pretend to like it and I watch over them till they feel they have to put a forkful in their mouth. I always have a supply of nice edible cakes as well.
  6. I feel my purpose is to help people even strangers.


  1. Ivanamakeupworld
  2. Allthatjazz
  3. Sophie in wonderland
  4. Currently, Lately
  5. Louise Howard
  7. Laurenellen
  8. Olive and Clo
  9. Feds Life
  10. BerryMeHolly 


All the best

Summer ❤️

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