Interview With Seeds Of Wisdom

I am doing a collaborative post with Seeds Of Wisdom. The interview is based on my post Managing Anger.

I have also answered his questions based on a post he wrote about Dealing With People I Can’t Stand, please go over to and check it out

These are his answer to my questions

1.How do you manage your anger when someone angers you?

I sometimes use the 4,7,8 method where i breathe in for 4 seconds, hold my breath for 7 seconds, then exhale for 8 seconds. Otherwise, I just start fuming.

2.What advice would you give someone who has a fiery temper?

Think before you speak. Words can be harmful so always think what you are going to say and ask yourself, is this going to help the discussion positively?

3.How would you handle someone that gets angry at you?

To be honest, I would go into a full defensive mode and retaliate like a sniper. However, nowadays I tend to give them a bit more space

4.How would you describe your temperament?

I guess I would say I have a long fuse, can take a joke, but once that fuse is over I go full nuclear!

5.Which would you throw at the person your angry with

A.Unicorn teddy B.Mouthful of verbal abuse C.Grenade

I pick the grenade because when I’m angry, I just want the person I’m angry at to go away, and the grenade does the best job at that!

6.Have you ever lost anyone from either them or you being angry?

Not really, I guess maybe some of my friendships were damaged due to me getting angry, but we were able to repair our friendship

7.How does anger leave you feeling and how do you make yourself feel better?

Anger leaves me feeling well, angry I guess. To be honest I usually shout mouthfulls of verbal abuse in my head at the person I’m angry at to make myself feel better, but it doesn’t usually work!


so that’s our first collaboration, they’ll be more real soon

Go over to and follow and he’ll give you a shout


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