The Wonder of People

I watched the movie Wonder, I wont give away any spoilers but it is a tear jerker. I cried within the first 10 minutes, I cried so much throughout the movie I lost a lense.

The movie is beautifully inspiring and teaches from both angles, the bully and the bullied, this for me is a very sore and still raw subject for me.

The subject of my blog is about seeing beyond an image, beyond the face of a beautiful personality.

Don’t be bought into the look, style, status or class.

Don’t be put off by poverty, race, illness or any stigma.

Because there is a beauty inside, a passion, an exceptional mind with their own ideology, a strength and kindness, these people feed our soul making us want to become a better person. We are positively affected by their affection, we feel validated as individuals and reminded of our own presence. It’s when we connect with people who touch our souls we get to build and mould ourselves into what we want to see in return. In everyone there is a wonder…a wonder of what they can teach us.

There are times when we don’t see these characteristics in people when they are mean, nasty or cruel, in most cases this is because of their own development which has created insecurities and defence mechanisms. People go through experiences which condition how they view the outside world. These defence’s are what keep them from feeling unwanted feelings/emotions/pain and they need to be ready to identify and address them.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 15.27.11

Its easy to look at someone who has a pretty face but how do you find true beauty, the beauty that lasts forever and doesn’t fade with age. This beauty is on the inside and its up to you to give a chance to people you meet. Have you ever briefly met someone and had an invigorating conversation then parted ways…that right there! Thats how you find the beauty.

You just can not save everyone but you can give them a glimmer of hope by having RESPECT in the way we acknowledge others’, if it’s not reciprocated thats fine, the RESPECT can be turned onto yourself for trying and for keeping yourself safe and it stops there, your patience may have given the other person something to think about…something positive.

Now lets get something straight, I am not saying befriend a serial murderer, as they have mental health issues which you are not qualified to help with.

By mixing with people from all walks of life I have learned a lot, they have taught me to be more patient in situations that would normally have me stressing or getting angry, be accepting of our diverse culture, be tolerant of peoples mistakes, I feel I have been nurtured into the person I am today by the people I have met, ultimately where I have learned to respect people I have learned to respect myself.Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 15.34.50.png

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