STIGMA STIGMA stigma Stigma Stigma  STIGMA

See it how you want, what ever suits you, Stigma is a band aid, plaster, avoidance, disfigurement, damaged, irreversible, contagious, rumour. Stigma to me is ignorance, unwilling to learn and accept, no space for movement.

Can you define yourself when it comes to understanding Mental Health?

Depression or any other mental health issue is the same as any other organ issue, usually treated with medication, can be just as deadly and debilitating as any other issue.

It is not contagious and though it may be called a mental health issue it does not mean they are mental or crazy.

The crazy and mental thing is STIGMA.


Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 09.58.09

In general people are beautiful inside more than out, we are amazing creatures of the earth we have abilities beyond measure, we have achieved so much over time. We have put a man on the moon, invented light, come up with amazing theories, cloned another human body part, so why can we not do the one simple thing and accept that mental health issues exist without assuming it to be a mad disease. After all, was Issac Newton’s mother told that her son was crazy, it was also suggested that Beethoven suffered Bipolar or manic depression. I also recall that Einstein may have been either autistic or schizophrenic, yet these beautiful people created a lifelong path for us all, these amazing talented people have given us a gift which we use every single day, we don’t even praise their minds for being different, for it is that difference that gave us the gifts in the first place.

Everyone has something to give, something beautiful but too many of us are already setting the goal post or a wall to disabling these minds instead they are suppressing these natural abilities and creating a suffering.

If everyone took a moment to spare a few minutes for someone else, we may teach a new generation how to evolve into a more caring, compassionate and accepting society. 

In time it wont be the word Depression or mental health that has the stigma, the word Stigma will be the illness.

As always if you need to talk I am here…Reach Out

Love and Support

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