Reaching Out

How do you help someone when they are out of reach, when they are at their lowest, darkest time. How do they know that there is someone equally desperate on the other end wanting to reach out, wanting to help them through these darkest times. How do you seek someone out from across the world without looking like a stalker. How does that person know that you can be trusted, that you want nothing more than to help that persons mental wellbeing back on track and you want nothing in return.

It’s a tough situation, the person suffering struggles to reach out and the person wanting to help doesn’t know someone is suffering.

We just don’t know! What we do know is that the statistics of depression are high, According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression.

I have no control on how people behave with others around them, it’s up to you to be courteous to people on the street, sales assistants or anyone you come in to contact with, I know when someone walking by has said “Hi” to me, it makes me feel happy, it gives me a little boost and I feel I can say “Hi” to someone I walk by.

I also have no control over who seeks help and who doesn’t but I urge anyone who is feeling alone, depressed or any way low to please understand that there is always someone here, to listen to you, share your thoughts and virtually hold you through your darkest times. Please don’t wait till you are too exhausted to seek help, please don’t assume no one is there or here, please don’t mitigate your feelings. Know that you are needed, loved, important to more than just the people around you, you are and will always be an inspiration to someone and for those reasons alone you deserve to have help and support because you deserve to be free from the shitty feelings so that you can continue being the person people love and need.

Just take one step at a time

One call, text, email or post

Theres always someone on the other end

Love and support

Summer ❤️


12 thoughts on “Reaching Out

  1. Liz says:

    There definitely is always someone there. In a big crisis I had towards end of last year, I shared how a blog reader who I am friends with on Facebook was there for me. But as we chatted about this later when I told her just how much it meant at that difficult time and the state I was in at her darkest of moment, I don’t think she realised until then, just what a lifeline she was. 🙂

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      • Liz says:

        For me, chat rooms is something I avoid from bad personal experience many years ago. I have been in several different types and unfortunately turned out the same. Even some Facebook ones. For the situation I mentioned in an earlier comment, this person I know through both our blogs and eventually let in on my Facebook account.(Personal, not blog-related.) Although i have never met her, because she is very kind-hearted, (thinking of others before herself when it is important she must look after herself and a really genuine person I can trust, she is on my ‘close friends’ list. I only have 22 friends in total on there, split into ‘close friends’ and ‘acquaintances’ and she is on the ‘close friends’ one. I don’t share everything on FB, but when I do with my close friends, the are the ones I respect and trust whole heartedly. The ones I can feel I can confide in. Quality for me, not quantity. 🙂

        Forums are easy to set up, as basically the sites are there ready built, like WP, it’s just you need to style it the way you want it to look and add sections in the way you want it too. Making the forum either where you can see whats going on before they can join, but can’t comment, or totally private and they would need to register to see everything as well as chat. Running a forum can be full time work. xx

        I shall be making some more chia jam later, but using strawberries. I love strawberries. 🙂

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      • SweetSummerOnline says:

        oh gosh thats interesting. I’ve seen forums I’ll have to give it more thought I suppose, otherwise I could keep mentioning on my blog that I’m here and there (if you know what I mean). I could try and keep an eye out for people in need to reach out.
        I just scowled my cabinets for jam, I came across marmalade…totally put my tummy at rest xx

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      • Liz says:

        It may be best for you to join forums, as it helps to give you an idea how they are run and managed. But yes, your blog can be a reach out point, as mine has been in the past, as well as Facebook.

        Glad you enjoyed your breakfast. I will probably have something else before I go out, as I have been up early than normal again, due to not sleeping properly from meds i have been on for infection. Miss Grouchy has part come back this morning. I’m not in pain as before, just tired. 🙂

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      • SweetSummerOnline says:

        Your blog is very neat and has lots of information.
        some meds really disrupt sleep, how long do you need to be on them? what pain are you suffering from?
        I also had a horrible sleep last night so I’ll try to get out and about today so that I could sleep better tonight-at the moment my head is in another universe haha

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      • Liz says:

        Thank you.

        I have not been well for several weeks. I came down with a bad cold or viral. The cough has been the annoying part and I have pulled my muscle on my left side.
        When at went back to see doctor after weeks to complain about the cough I can’t shift and what I have been doing three weeks prior to try and help it to no avail and that if I had not got this cough, I’d be fine, he gave me an examination. It turns out there was sign of an infection. So with me having asthma too on my records, he said antibiotics and steroids.
        Antibiotics were a 7 day course at 1 every 12 hours and steroids, 6 tablets every morning for the next 5 or it was 6 days.
        Steroids disturb your sleep, so even though irritating cough had gone by Thursday night and so I thought I would finally get some decent sleep, I still doing on average 4 hours.

        I only got 4 hours again last night, split into 2, so I had to sleep this afternoon to get through work. Having a bit of a lie in tomorrow. Hopefully. ☺️

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      • SweetSummerOnline says:

        Oh dea you poor thing. That sounds like a lot of tablets to take a day. Hopefully you’re half way though the meds and they’re helping clear up the infection.
        It sounds like you work from home? As you were able to get a nap in, maybe you can give yourself afternoon naps till you’ve recovered?
        I hope you feel better soon, being sleep deprived is awful. 🤗

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      • Array says:

        I finished steroids and only have until tomorrow night, before I finish antibiotics.
        I work part time in the evening, so hence I was able to get a bit more sleep.
        I am hoping my usual sleeping routine is back. I have a little bit of a cough, but hopefully that bit will go on it’s own. I shall see what I am like over the weekend.

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