Why Children Need Exercise

I train more as an adult than I did as a child, the reasons are to set an example to my children. Both my children are teenagers that are both happy to mould to the sofa or bed and not move for hours, its like the game sleeping lions but no ones really playing. Me and my partner can both out run our kids, which is why they never try to pull a fast one on us, because we can run faster then their grans boomerang sleeper.

I’ve been training for the past 7 years at least, my kids always remember me being active and finally they are now requesting to be active, my plan has worked.

Why Exercise

As children develop into teenage hood, many new neurones are being created in their brains, This is when the brain is most vulnerable, it takes quite a large reward for the teenage brain to become fired up thus why they tend to seek risky behaviours such as drinking and drugs. Exercise is a great way to help manage disruptive behaviours and unmanageable emotions.

With social interaction being reduced to texting, playstation and other social platforms, there is a false perception of social interaction and less satisfaction. Which I believe leave kids feeling more isolated and depressed than ever before.


Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 17.54.56

Exercise enhances the growth of new neuronal connections and a drop in stress hormones, it releases a chemical called endorphins which reduce the perception of pain and also triggers a positive feeling in the body. Exercise improves sleep and concentration and can help with depression. There’s no doubt that children do get quite a bit of exercise in the play ground and because of that are generally fit and healthy, the later years of teenage years is when activity decreases and I feel this is when staying consistent will help with their overall mental wellbeing and fitness levels.

During early years I encouraged my children to have one activity, my daughter boxed for 5 years, my son boxed and went on to kick box, admittedly they didn’t enjoy it, my daughter gave up but she has now started going to the gym and she enjoys it. My son would like to give up kick boxing but admits if he looks back in years to come he may regret it, so he has additionally started swimming too.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 18.12.53.pngI believe that these teenage years are the years they rather do nothing but yet would benefit if they stick to it.

They both have youth and agility on their side, giving up now would make it much harder to get back into in a few years.

Regular exercise is proven to 

Reduce stress

Help with anxiety and depression

Boost self-esteem

Improve sleep

Improve your heart

Types of exercise


Basket ball













Water aerobics


Please consult your doctor before you decide to take on a new active exercise, even better get a health check.

7 thoughts on “Why Children Need Exercise

  1. amna says:

    Totally on point i have started fitness regime when i was 18 and people call me fool and now from past 3 years i am strictly attached to my regime and i am more happy person improve my decision making sense

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