Why Persevere!

Have you ever worked so hard for something to get to the point of no satisfaction? Do you ever recall going so far with what you were pursuing to eventually feel that it’s a waste of time?

What if just as you were throwing in the towel someone said “wait, keep going, there’ll be rewards coming really soon”

Right there, that particular moment, that’s the specific time you need to take a moment to   ask your self some questions, focus and reset. Right there is where if you push that much harder is when you are likely to start seeing results. This is where you implement Perseverance.

I do wonder if it’s when your willpower depletes that makes us want to give up, if it is we can exercise the willpower, please read link https://sweetsummeronline.com/2018/01/07/how-to-improve-willpower/


Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 22.53.51

A few pointers on implementing Perseverance

Ask yourself why you feel you want to give up? are you bored? tired? or maybe see other options that influence your attainment.

Remember why and how many reasons why you started? What was you hoping to gain?

If it was possible to begin then why discontinue? where have your initial reasonings for starting gone?

If things have got in the way, making you feel you can’t continue, find a new strategy/plan to work around. There’ll always be changes in your life but it does not necessarily mean you have to give.

Remember that just when you give up it’s likely you’ll miss your reward, your here for the long haul, the journey is fun but the reward is what makes it all worthwhile.

Persevere, remember why you started and continue.

Perseverance is the tool you need in-between every moment you wish to give up, perseverance will lead you to your reward, your satisfaction, the belief that anything is possible.Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 22.46.23.png

My favourite quote all time

6 thoughts on “Why Persevere!

    • SweetSummerOnline says:

      Thank you Ravi. yes my fav quote is something I remember when I don’t want to train myself, it reminds me that even the ones who have succeeded needed motivation, its not a natural given gift to all. I hope you have a great day


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