How To Stay Committed

Its been a few weeks for me to write on here, thats because I’ve been busy juggling a few things with 3 hands, exactly! you can only manage what you can handle.

Trying to keep to commitments, especially newly set ones can be rather challenging, which means somethings need to be put aside until you can deal with more effectively, otherwise you could be spreading yourself thinly. The only person to come away worse off is yourself.


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By taking on too much, whether it be for yourself or to help others or both, you may risk overwhelming yourself, causing a nose dive in your mental wellbeing, usually the first things that begin to crumble are your own commitments and quite possibly the relationships around you, this could include the people you were trying to help.


Be true to yourself– We may want to offer but we need to be realistic about if you can and how much you can. Helping others is self rewarding, however you need to be honest to yourself about what you can accommodate.

Own what you can-If you have decided to help someone, take on board what you have offered and deliver. If you feel you cannot meet their needs own up straight away, don’t let it linger as this will only cause animosity and resentment leading to relationship breakdowns.

Commitments-Work around your own commitments first, everything else can wait, you come first. What we implement for ourselves is for self preservation, breaking your own commitments will contradict the very purpose of your commitments.

Don’t be afraid to say “No”-Probably one of the most common reasons people get stuck with jobs that can’t fulfil. Whether you’ve been roped into doing something out of fear of saying No or guilt, either of them are not healthy and usually are repetitive behaviours. come out of your comfort zone and learn to say “No”.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help-You’ll be surprised with how much help you’ll receive if you simply Ask for it. Just as some people are to scared to say “No” some are also scared to ask for help. Whats the worst that can happen, they’ll say “No”, if so, they’ll be someone else you can ask.


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8 thoughts on “How To Stay Committed

  1. Ravisingh says:

    Its nice feeling to see yet another powerpack posts after some gap.What i likeked most is your thoughts about committment and saying No,when need be.
    Hope you settle down soon.

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