I’m going to get straight to the point. I’m petrified of heights. I know a lot of people are but I have yet to come across ANYBODY to completely display a dramatic demonstration such as I!

While we were in Crete on holiday we decided to take a bus ride to the Hot Springs. The idea came from a local who said that the water is warm-hot and has healing ailments, well that was all the encouragement I needed, maybe this will be the answers to my dry skin, imagine the glow I’ll have when I’m done, hmm maybe it will banish my cellulite, my mind began to shoot away with model images of myself.

We got on the bus from outside the hotel, after 10 minutes we were heading onto some dirt tracks, from there the road began to turn and take more turns. At this point I started to think back to what the local guy said when I asked “how high is it?”, I remember him saying “Eeeh It es ee lyyke dis” signalling wth a diagonal hand, I’m now trying to think if it was a 5 degrees incline or 30 degrees! By the time I came back from daydreaming I could see we were at a incline of 30 degrees, which answered my question.

Keeping my eyes fixated forward I could sense the view from the side of my eyes, I could almost feel the air under my feet and my shoulders tense up.

The bus took another turn, only this time I could feel the weight of the bus tilt to the side of the drop. I was still keeping my cool. My kids were observing me but I was adamant that I will not let them see my fears. I will not break. I can do this. Then we took another turn and I slowly took a peek out the window, it seemed

the higher we got the more the bus tilted on the narrow edges of the mountain, I felt like I was head first bungee jumping from a bus, my eyes almost popped out from horror.


Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 22.22.27.png

I tried so hard to keep myself together but my fears got the best of me. (in my head) it was a matter of survival (in my head) we were going to die, my kids were not going to remember this episode because WE’RE GOING TO DIE! On another turn I literally jumped up and hollered “IT’S GOING TO TIP”, “KIDS MOVE TO THE OTHER SIDE NOWWW”, then another turn came and I hollered again “GET TO THE OTHER SIDE, QUICK WE’RE TURNING”, by now there were more and more turns so I stood in the middle of the bus with my legs apart like superman and my arms spread, with me swaying my hips as if to steer and balance the bus with my weight. It was my strength that was keeping this bus from tipping over the edge. I was directing people by swaying my arms left of the bus then right of the bus, shouting “MOVE IT QUICK, IT’S GOING TO TIP, I KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING” of course no one listened besides my kids and my humble partner. Everyone else just stared in bemusement.

The bus eventually came to a stop and I pushed my kids out, by now I had broken out in a sweat and was red faced. I went straight over to the drinks and ice-cream hut and asked if the ice-cream man can drive me back, I didn’t ask how much, I would have paid anything to go back by car with my instructing him to keep to the left, nearest to the wall.

I first took a dip in the lovely warm hot springs, it felt unusually nice but I didn’t think anything could reverse the damage from the stress coming up, not even hot spring waters.

I’m glad I did it but I’m glad I wont have to do it again.

9 thoughts on “Heights

  1. Ravisingh says:

    This reminds me a thriller movie where the lady was one step ahead of you. She refused to travel back for next 5 days until she fully recovers from the ensuing fear.
    Have a good time, Sunshine!


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