Smorgasbord Saturday Meet and Greet – Bloggers Watering Hole.

Thank you Rant and Reason for sharing this.
An opportunity for bloggers to get to no one another through this Smorgasbord. I would much appreciate more followers for the purpose of people knowing there is someone here they can speak with.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the Saturday morning post where bloggers who have recently followed the blog can introduce themselves.  Each week I will share a small selection of bloggers at random.

Basically this is a watering hole for bloggers across all the areas of interest. Watering holes are very useful for meeting like-minded people and also a way to grow a supportive and sharing community.

If you are NEW to smorgasbord it would be great if you could introduce yourself in the comments.. a brief intro and then a link to the post that you feel best represents your blogging style.

If you are a REGULAR visitor to the blog then please do leave a link to your latest post too, so that we can visit and share.

The idea is to encourage more readers to your posts and an opportunity for us to get to know you better.

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