How To Stick To Your Goals

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Every year I reflect on my previous year, what I learned, and what I need to learn.

This year is no exception, the only difference is

I am going to share my strategy with you.

The order in which I set my goals;

  • I reflect on my year~The good the, bad and the ugly
  • Identify what changes I need to make~This includes my mindset, my attitude as well as my needs
  • Make a Plan~What are my priorities, what do I need to make changes, what interferes in my plans and how to combat these interferences
  • Set up a motivational plan~How to keep myself inspired
  • REWARDS~ I reward myself by acknowledging any accomplishments, in my case (best not to follow this bit) it’s usually with food.

Here are my goals

~On Reflection-The Good-I have been in touch with people that I’ve lost touch with, The Bad-theres been a lot of stress chasing up the School and services, The ugly-I have been drawn into negativity which didn’t belong to me. I will do my best to keep people I value and love in my life. Stress is sometimes unavoidable, keep your self balanced as much as possible the rest usually falls in place. If the negativity doesn’t belong to me I need to not give it any thought time, its not mine to deal with, let it go.

~I’ve Identified-To not be too tolerant and address things immediately. Don’t be a beg (as my daughter puts it) basically don’t try so hard to please other’s, this includes cutting my loses. Make my needs a priority because if they’re not met I won’t be any good for the family.

~My Plans-My priorities are my health/fitness/injuries, my kids  needs, walking the dogs, clean house. Interferences are that if I walk the dogs late or don’t leave to take the kids to school on time everything else is set back and my needs get left out altogether. Combat by-delegating more, having an alternate fitness programme or I can run with the  Labrador, killing two birds with one stone.

~Motivational Plan– First week buy a inspiring magazine to help shift mindset (it’s usually a fitness or healthy eating mag), write my weekly/daily goals and achievements. Go gym and thereafter, be active every hour for 40 minutes, try and compete with previous day. Tell myself 20 minutes a day is all I need. Have my nails painted always makes me feel good while I workout, as I’m usually feeling tired.

~Rewards-First Week- look forward to a takeaway at the end of the week. second week-spend time learning photoshop, third week-get nails done, fourth week-get massage.

If I’ve done good enough I’ll reward myself in between with watching a film in the day time or getting myself a coffee and read a book, but I would have had to caught up with all my chores first.

I’ve got this, so have you!

Lets Go


4 thoughts on “How To Stick To Your Goals

  1. Ravisingh says:

    I liked your very systemetic and well thought out approach in goal setting. what appeals to me most that you are ready to change if needed.This is a very positive mindset.
    congrats and wish you all the best.



  2. Ravisingh says:

    In different phases of your life,you need to have different stretegy. My stretegy in my current phase of life is- TAKE THINGS AS THEY COME TO YOU, NOT AS THEY SHOULD BE.
    HA ha ha- its working very well for me.


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