How To Succeed


Have you ever started off wilful of setting out to conquer your goals only to give up on them two weeks later? 

There are reasons.

We need to identify our sabotages and our fears, what are the negative voices in your head or around you telling you? What obstacles are in the way?

Your brain has the ability to coax you into believing anything, isn’t that why its easy to press the snooze button, or having that one piece of cake when your meant to be avoiding sugary foods.

  • We are conditioned to stay within our comfort zone, anything beyond that is already going to feel like a threat, of maybe not succeeding, failing. First things first, theres no such thing as failing (in my Book), change your attitude.
  • There is no need to proceed with something that doesn’t feel right, or is not moving anywhere forward. Abandon ship and take the dingy!
  • Always ask questions, never stop being inquisitive. Watch and learn from others around you (even if you don’t like them), theres always more to learn till the day we die.
  • Set yourself a routine, meals, activity, sleep (thats mine) prioritise your routine.
  • Ask for Help when you need it, at the same time don’t be disappointed if you don’t get it. Its luck of the draw, no one is obligated to help.
  • Stay away from drama and gossip, this channels into your negativity. Surround yourself with like minded people. Trust me, this goes back to learning from other’s.
  • Draw/write out your goals, Break it down to weekly and daily plans. I tell myself what workout I’m going to do for the week, each evening I prep my gym wear ready to wear in the morning. I’m not a morning person therefore I map out my day from the day/evening before, an example is; wear gym clothes, put dog’s in the car to take them for a walk soon as I’ve dropped my kids off at school, this saves time. Straight after I go gym for an hour, come home cook, clean, shower, pick up kids, feed kids, run errands/clubs, I watch one soap (Eastenders) and go to bed. I’m usually tired by then.
  • Write down your achievements, this helps you see what you’ve accomplished and inspires yourself to keep going. This increases your appetite to want to enlist more goals.

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