Reduce Anxiety

If you’ve felt anxious or gone through anxiety or panic attacks the first thing I want to say is I’m so sorry you have had to go through it.

When I’ve been through something awful, I’ve always said I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to go through it.

Stress is burden overload on your mind, anxiety is almost the same but with the added fear and tension, they both have symptoms of elevated heart rate to say the least.


From my own discovery, I have found that Panic attacks derive from feelings of anxiety. Sometimes the panic attacks may come a lot later than when you were originally anxious, this in most cases is because we avoid dealing with our problems as they arise, waiting for them to resolve themselves, the anxiety later manifests into something greater.

From my experience about 15 years ago, I was abroad, visiting a relative with my toddler, while having lunch at the beach, suddenly, for no apparent reason I had a seizure and passed out.

This set in a fear that at any time my life can be taken away from me, at one point a Doctor suggested I may have nocturnal epilepsy.

Though I didn’t believe this to be true I became more petrified that the incident can happen again,  at anytime. From this I developed panic attacks while I was asleep, sometimes before I slept, other times I would wake up trying hard to breath, I was convinced every time that I was going to die.

I decided to start taking up meditation to help regulate my breathing and in hope that my brain will calm down too.

It took time but I persevered and I found that I was getting panic attacks less and less, it took a few years mind you.

One night while I was asleep, I half woke up to a panic attack, only this time my body took over and I noticed I was taking long deep breaths; as I do when I’m meditating. From then on I was reassured that we can train our minds. From then on over 10 years ago I had my last panic attack.

challenging anxious thoughts

countering Anxiety

I try to eliminate stress by

Nature Walks

~Short or long walks are both equally therapeutic and soul charging.

Unplug from electronics 

~I don’t use my phone once I get to my bedroom, the light from devices are stimulating and delay the relaxing process

Regular light to moderate exercise

~This helps me relax and sleep more soundly, I get to use excess energy, while the endorphins released make me feel good

Relaxed breathing

~Helps calm my thoughts and be present

Getting good sleep

~This enables me to have enough energy to exercise which reduces excess energy to help me sleep

Reduce caffeine 

~Less coffee means less anxiety and a more restful sleep.


~Depending on how I feel, it could be soothing or inspirational, sometimes classical or nature sounds

Note: Though I try to keep a calm mind, I also keep myself busy so that I don’t over think things as I’m very inclined to.

Checkout the worksheets to help you through your anxiety

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