Seduction Of Food

The Aftermath Of Christmas

If you read ‘About Me’ you would have discovered that I love food. I enjoy it so much that I can’t satisfy both my tummy and brain at the same time. I am more easily seduced by food than by any man.

I may even have a problem with food,  its not about filling the void in me, that, I know. I eat healthy food, turkey mince instead of red, pulses, I don’t fry anything, I use substitute foods such as sweet potato instead of white etc. I enjoy all foods, I do not discriminate between bad and good, in some way thats a problem I guess.

I workout all year round, I shed weight, feel good, I love how fit I’ve become, I can outrun my kids to the chocolates…you get my drift.

I think I have FOMO Fear Of Missing Out with food. I begin with the will of God, the strength of Zeus and end up like the one eyed giant cyclops devouring everything in sight. There’s no in between, its literally hero to zero. The video below is how I am seduced by food.


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