Daily Prompt: Torn

via Daily Prompt: Torn

The Run Up To Christmas
3 days till the morning of Christmas so I realistically have two days to enjoy and relish the festive smell of mulled wine and pine from the green trees. Two days to go out and feel mesmerised by the beautiful glistening fairy lights on every street, the jolly jeer from shoppers racing round to buy last minute items.
I’ve walked the dog this morning and returned covered in mud, I resemble a farmer. In a rush I haven’t had time to change and have dashed off to take the Labrador to the vets to get weighed, then on to Pets at Home to buy him a new harness because he has grown out of his one almost overnight. From the car to Pets At Home (without a harness) I tried to coax him to walk beside me, in my mind this worked, in reality it was a No No. Leo the Labrador was shooting off in all directions, making the most of not having a leash on him. The only way I could coax him was to walk beside him whilst holding a treat on his snout, short of looking like I was trying to imitate a dog myself, I was literally at his level. There were some strange looks from around the car park, in hindsight I looked like I was trying to hide behind the dog.
When we finally got into the shop I tried to occupy him with a ball, which rolled under a stand so I bent down to reach it, my hair draped on the floor. Leo stood on my hair and wouldn’t budge, there I was nailed to the floor with arse In the air. We paid and left with my hair and reputation shredded.
All I wanted was to hurry up and get all my chores out the way so I could enjoy the two days of Christmas spirit In the air.

I’ve finished the shopping and I’m now starving, I’m still in my muddy ‘farmer joe’ clothes and my hair is matted. I’ve decided I will go and have a very late lunch in a very Christmasy looking café. I may not look very festive but this is what it’s like to be torn between wanting to do too many things in such a short time.
I am now sitting with a tea and mince pie in a shop that has flickering warm fairy lights.
For me, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Summer 🎄




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