The Mirror

The objective mirror seems to not show the true reflection of people, it seems to project what you feel others see, in many cases even that is your own perception not the mirror and not someone else’s.

When I speak to my dearest friend, I look into her eyes, so full of passion and wonder and when she talks her words are so profound, kind and earnest, her soul is warm, she’s loving and generous in sharing her love. Why has the mirror not picked this up and reflected back to her so that she can see her true self, more beautiful than her actual exterior. Why is her inner beauty not her wealth.

If the mirror spoke the truth, rather than being left to each individuals imagination to work out what the image that reflects back to them means. We would have a world much kinder and hurtful people much wiser. We’d carry less scars and give less wounds.

Beauty comes in all shapes and distortions, concealed behind masks and stigmas. Embrace without fear for in many lies this true hidden beauty which is revealed by receiving true congruence.

Live and love without fear

Summer ❤️

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