Stranger Encounters

I was at Great Ormond street for a volunteering position, there were a group of people there for the same thing. At lunch time me and an elderly lady seemed to gravitate towards each other, we began to speak about why we were volunteering, her reasons were she wanted to give something back for the time her Grandson was very sick and admitted into Great Ormond Street.
As me and the lady headed to a restaurant she knew down the road, I noticed how she had me encapsulated in a two way conversation, I was wanting to know more about her and she was inviting me to tell her more about my life. I felt so warm and in a comfortable companionship, I wanted it to stay like that forever. It was as if we’d known each other all our lives.
As we got to the restaurant, it was more of a canteen, where you queue up and select your meal from the servery. We viewed and discussed the tantalising options and both agreed on the same meal, vegetarian lasagna with lentils. Unortunately there was only one piece of vegi lasagna left, it was my turn to be served and I felt really bad to take it for myself, I looked at the piece which was quite a big portion and asked if she was happy to share the portion and she was. I paid as it was a reasonable price and of course I wanted to redeem myself for taking the last portion.
We sat together and ate the vege lasagna, with the first bite we agreed that this was probably the best vege lasagna we’ve ever had. We continued talking, one conversation leading to another. I remember feeling completely captivated in this lady’s presence, I felt how she fit perfectly in my world.
We went back to finish our afternoon at Great Ormond Street Hospital. When we finished we left together, walking to the station, eventually I going one way and she the other way, We parted forever, knowing we’ll never see one another again.
I have never forgotten how this lady lifted my spirits and bought the best out in me almost helping me to fit the missing pieces of myself. She helped me discover myself from another persons perspective. On this day I liked myself very much.
I may not remember her name but I will forever remember her warmth and her presence, it was a truly magical moment.

4 thoughts on “Stranger Encounters

  1. Pauline says:

    I think it was Maya Angelou who said that people may not remember the words that you said, but they will always remember the way you made them feel.


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