Finding A Lift

It’s not easy to stay in a lifted mood or maybe it’s just me, I wake up in the Autumn/Winter months feeling vacuumed into my bed sheets struggling to open my eyes possibly because it’s still dark outside, no peak or trace of light through my blinds.
Coming to think of it maybe I should invest in a SAD light which is a dawn simulator it takes about half hour to become as bright as daylight helping you to wake up naturally. I will keep you updated on this.
Anyway I’ve noticed that until I get out the house I’m pretty dysfunctional, if I do stay home I may be productive enough to give my house a good clean therefore I won’t feel so bad about having not showered early.
If I do go out though it’s likely I will have a chat with a random stranger or maybe i’ll catch up with a friend for lunch or a coffee, witness something funny or interesting either way getting out the house always lifts my mood.
Throughout my day i’ll be like super mario collecting rewards which will keep my mood lifted, the lifting feeling in the past has put a spring in my step and a smile on my face which I’ve been able to pass on to anyone I come in contact with. The key for me is how do you keep that uplifted feeling, it’s like a drug I want more and never want it to run out, it’s a satisfying feeling of happiness and fulfilment, which brings the best out in me.
Key points for me are fitness, nature, walking the dogs and occasionally meeting up with a friend for lunch or coffee. During these times I’m lifted, for a little while at least.
I have encountered a stranger in such a beautiful natural way that I have been left with feelings I’d carry for the rest of my life with complete gratitude- Stranger Encounters
There are other times when I go a little further to get my lift such as going out to a comedy club, do a little course; my laters one was Social Anthropology.
Ultimately I’ve had some amazing feelings which have stayed with me as a warm memory sadly the excitement from these experiences do not last long enough and it’s that feeling I want to hold on to so I keep myself in as much of a positive place and surround myself with like minded people this is the very next next thing which I hold on to.
What lifts your mood?

2 thoughts on “Finding A Lift

  1. Pauline says:

    Sometimes it’s simple things like a smile, an amazing sunset or a good laugh, but there are some days where my mood feels like a ton weight and there’s no lifting it.


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