Full Circle

via Daily Prompt: Silent

When your outside all alone yet it feels like silence all around,
When your indoors all alone in silence yet all you hear is noise,
When your sitting in a park with sun above but yet it’s ever so dark,
When your laying in the dark trying to sleep but it’s seems so bright,
Your senses are on alert, you can feel every organ work, your brain, your blood, your heart beating out of tune, the hours just don’t seem to pass, you can’t wait for morning just so you can get through the night but when morning arrives your too tired to wake up and when you do
There’s no escape from how you feel,
you want to try and go out but the weight of your soul feels nailed to the floor you, you dread the evening because that’s when it all starts again.
This is your entire world, it’s an internal world but feels like it’s in the outside world too.

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