Today is my son’s 13th birthday, every year all immediate relatives are invited round to celebrate with tea and cake, 26 of us altogether.

I was going to try and swerve making the cake this year but he has requested a chocolate birthday cake, homemade as always, as always its going to be dry and most likely burnt round the edges, he never eats all the piece I cut for him, so I wonder why he feels he wants me to bake him a cake?

I’ve come to the conclusion, the reasons he requests the cake is so that he feels he has some control over how he spends his birthday, he will also remember for years later that I would always bake him a cake and hopefully this will give him fond memories (or years of therapy).

For me; I will always feel I tried my best to meet his nurturing needs and as a bonus I will always have the opportunity to watch my guests eat the cake while trying to refrain from choking and with one spoon of cake would be followed with watery eyes and a swig of tea to help it go down.

Each year my Children’s Birthdays will be marked and remembered by all.

ants bd

A Birthday cake request, it looked great but was the definition of Dry!

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