Laying here I look up at the clear blue sky, sitting perfectly over me on my right is a palm tree, Slightly to my left is a umbrella in the perfect position blocking out the sun which would otherwise blind me, allowing me to take in the entire essence of what surrounds me.
I could be anywhere right now not wanting for anything, not to write, not to listen to music and not to read.
The sound of the waves are the music to my ears, the stillness all around me feels like life has been paused giving me a chance to take deep breaths and take in the fruits of life, Mother Nature at her best she who pulls me in and recharges my soul with the earths awakenings and healing elements.
I did write this whilst I was laying down in front of the sea with a palm tree over me the truth is I didn’t want to write but I didn’t want to forget exactly how I felt.
Before bringing myself to this escape I was overwhelmed with troubles that could not be dealt with without emotion, this mentally exerted me. The signs of stress were all there; raised heart rate, Lack of sleep and nightmares, inability to think rationally, exhaustion, seized back muscles, pains in my chest and arm.
My usual go to fix is fitness and meditation. However, I knew things were getting beyond help when I tried to meditate but could not regulate my breathing also my fitness mojo began to fizzle and I made excuses to not go.
I wondered how I got to a point of despair, it was as if I didn’t see it coming. Or did I? Looking back the signs were all there. To be truthfully honest I don’t think I could have done anything differently given the nature of the problem was that I had to rely on other services that did not show the same urgency in which I had.
But what I did learn in this situation was that I removed myself from the issue and anyone involved. I allowed my self to stop, do nothing and breath. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘if anything had happened to me, the problem would still be there’ which made me realise the problem can wait.
I was fortunate enough to get away and it saddens me that not all have that advantage. This is where I feel that it is paramount that a go to fix is as important to have as much as a first aid kit.
I noticed that removing myself from the situation was the first thing to do. Understandably sometimes we cannot just up and leave, but what could be possible is giving yourself a set time (a week or whatever suits you) to shut off from the issue, reschedule that time to be as easy and chore less as possible. Reconnect with outside Mother Nature’s elements and incorporate what you usually would do for fun such as your hobbie.
The point I’m making is to make it all about you and your needs, no one else’s just your’s. After all if you want the best for others around you, you first must be emotionally nourished.

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