Practice What I Preach

Today I put myself to the ultimate test, by implementing all the strategies to enable me to do a workout at the gym. I have mentioned before that the key to fitness is  motivation more than anything else.

Today was one of those days where you had to get your motivation on, it was -2 degrees but felt like -6 degrees.
🏋🏻‍♀️I got my gym wear out from the night before, plus the extra warm ones
🏋🏻‍♀️Planned my workout
🏋🏻‍♀️planned the timing of my workout
🏋🏻‍♀️planned what and when I was going to eat breakfast

Whilst I had gradually been building up the gym over the past two weeks, I have had a nasty cold and a tummy bug a week after, so I made a conscious decision to only do 25 minutes, so I do not stiffen up and do not burn myself out. For these reasons, once I got in the car to do the school run with the plan of going straight to the gym, the excuses began to enter my head
1. It’s too cold
2. I need to walk the dogs first
3. You can go later with your partner
4. It’s only 25 minutes, you can do it any time of the day
These were the main excuses but there were more which I ignored.
I reasoned with myself that if I go now it’s 25 minutes and I can walk the dogs straight after. After that I shut all the voices out and focused on my reasoning.
Once I got to the gym, I done a little treadmill warmup, the gym was freezing, the air con was on which made me feel worse, I wanted to give up and go home but I reasoned with myself again ‘it’s only 25 minutes’.
I did it, I managed the whole 25 minutes and I felt great, I felt accomplished. Even when I finished, it was cold enough to lose the warmth I built up from my workout, this made me feel even more satisfied that I had ignored the negative voices and pushed on to get my workout done and out the way.
Points to remember
If today’s excuses don’t fit with yesterday’s plan, ignore it.

Take two reasons why you should go and keep repeating it to yourself, let nothing but an emergency get in the way.
If this is the starting point for you, remember that the first day will be your motivation for tomorrow.
Just by your first workout you’ll become empowered. If anything, it’s the way you feel when you’ve finished that should make you return probably more than the reason you started the gym.

It may be winter outside but I’m my heart it’s summer
Have a great day guys ☀️

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