The Black Hole

There’s a place in my house called the black hole, it’s gravitational force pulls objects in and it seems they can not escape-this is my daughters bedroom.

Ideally to clean my daughters room I would first need it to be taped and cornered off like a crime scene, then I’ll need scientists to collate any new species that may have formed, who knows, this maybe where I make my millions, or knowing my luck they’ll find a new bacteria and name it after me meh.
If you haven’t created an image in your head already, my daughters room ticks all these boxes
✔️The contents of her wardrobe is spread out on the floor
✔️Lacks the radiant glow, it continues in other rooms
✔️Looks like her room was robbed
✔️shares the same dark tone as Voldemort
✔️Repels human life
✔️Attracts anything not human
✔️Needs a tracker device to find her bed
✔️It is possible to lose a human in there
✔️I once assumed she was missing (eventually found her wrapped in a ball in her duvet

I have given up cleaning it and telling her to clean it, instead I have been observing her choice of living the same way as an Attenborough programme, I have come to the conclusion as to why she chooses to live in this way
My daughter is a creative girl, who was once a little tomboy, as she has made her way through her teenage years I have seen her develop her character, become more confident and above all build a personality which I believe is reflected in the structure of her room, diverse, adaptable, she oozes creative imagination and has brilliant ideas.
I have compromised the state of her bedroom for the outcome of her personality.
She is a young woman conscious of people around her, she will always say ‘Hello’ to my friends if she bumps into them. She is kind, caring and extremely intuitive. She can hold invigorating conversations and is all round great company. She’s a little clumsy and accident prone but she can laugh at herself. In the same way that she is comfortable in her amazon is how she makes people comfortable in her presence, I can only imagine that this personality was built in her bedroom amongst every item that is a little piece of her. This may seem like an excuse to avoid cleaning her room, trust me I used to clean it weekly but it was like the purse that never ran out of money but in a messy clothes sort of way.
I know she wants to organise her room but it seems the character she has built is in conflict as she sways from studious to party. As a parent I don’t have an answer, as a fellow citizen I feel something will come from this, hopefully something good, not just mice!

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