Being A Middle Child

I am a middle child, whenever I meet another middle child we smile knowingly the common grounds we instantly share, we connect a lot quicker than with anyone else, it’s as if we link, like all middle children everywhere link, that’s just how it feels, for me anyway. I was very shy as a young child but I eventually broke out of my shell, some would say I completely smashed the shell.
Like me, middle children have the hand me downs, never complained and we most definitely never stood out, the oldest was the coolest and the youngest was the cutest, the middle child is just there, doing something irrelevant, otherwise occupying their time with little adventures of their own.

we have gone unnoticed for so long that we find our own strength, if we have to kick arse we will.

We weren’t flooded with gifts of the latest clothing or gadget but from that we gained our own unique style. We do not follow the crowd.

As a middle child with unique fashion style I never attracted a guy unless he wanted to play a game of football because I was a Tomboy, flirting with me would go undetected and if it were detected I wouldn’t reciprocate it very well. I’ve gone for so many years being the odd ball so I wondered why anyone would be attracted to me, I would feel that they are trying it on with me for a laugh and I would go off in a huff.
We weren’t given the same responsibilities as the oldest child and because of that I became free spirited, parents usually saw this as rebellious. I played outside with the boys, skated in the streets and was seen as a non conforming child.

Middle children can’t bargain with parents, the oldest has become authoritative the youngest has become a lawyer in the making, middle child doesn’t have these tools therefore discreetly goes and does what she/he wants to do and hope no one notices, besides we’re good at not being noticed. Middle child also don’t want to get caught because we’re not used to lying, nope we just go and tell the whole entire truth in the hope that finally our recognition will be ‘ahh yes this child is the honest one’, nope I’ve learned that it doesn’t work like that, we get punished, then labelled the rebellious child.

Middle children have personality, they developed this from trying very hard to get noticed, at times it meant becoming the jester, this usually got attention and I had to keep it up if I wanted to keep being noticed, for this reason we make friends easily.

Middle children are good at sharing. sharing toys meant someone wants to play with you, therefore meant you were noticed.

Middle children are loyal and will protect what’s there’s , because they fought to get it.

Praising a middle child is equivalent to shining a torch directly in their eyes, too much attention can be a bit of a culture shock, however, subtle hints of praise go down well.

Middle children may seem like the quiet, discrete kind, give them time and you’ll see a very wacky, daring side to them.
Before you know it you’ll be breaking the rules together.

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