What I Tell my Children

Watching my children grow up and try to make sense of the world around them has been tricky, I can only do so much but they need to go through a lot of the emotions to truly learn for themselves. I can Instill a good set of ethics and morals, but that does not mean everyone else will have the same set of ethics and morals, therefore I try to give them sound advice as they come across difficulties. I coach them daily on self development and encourage them to live their life mindfully aware of themselves and others around them.


If you like yourself others will like you
If you respect yourself others will respect you
Always be nice
You don’t have to like everyone but you have to be nice to everyone
A smile is the prettiest accessory you can wear
Learn to forgive
Apologise when your in the wrong
Don’t rely on anyone
Be comfortable with your own company
Don’t sweat the small stuff
Be yourself
If your upset or angry discover why
Don’t compete with anyone you’ll never win
If your words aren’t nice don’t let them leave your lips
Stand up for what’s right, integrity is your price tag
Every experience is a memory
Laugh, laugh, laugh as much as you can
Be with people that bring the best out in you
Listen to your instincts-this takes practice
Be open to change
Embrace your difficulties, this will help you grow
Every grey cloud has a silver lining
Don’t act on anger, wait till the next day
Don’t argue with ignorant people
Don’t argue with stupid people
Happiness is a choice everything else is a matter of perspective
Always try and learn something new
Discover the world
Don’t let fear stop you
Don’t let anyone hold you back
Where one door closes another one opens
Do something out the ordinary
Question everything
Be spontaneous
If you believe in it work on it and thrive to achieve it
There’s no such thing as failure just lessons learned
Sometimes you just have to say fuck it
Don’t force friendships
Open your heart, give chances and take chances
Be truthful to yourself
Don’t dwell on the past learn from it



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