There’s A Stone In My Shoe

Yes the stone in my shoe actually made me realise how an issue can grate on you without you realising that it may become an impending problem, that if not dealt with when you first identify it, most likely it will become a much larger problem that may potentially be blown all out of proportion, in the way a little stone will eventually put a hole in your sock or draw blood from your foot.
We are taught to be patient but I feel we extend that to tolerance, it pays to be patient, my partner taught me the art of patience and I couldn’t thank him enough. Metaphorically speaking, patience is identifying the stone in your shoe and telling yourself you’d put up with it till you get an opportunity to stop, undo your laces and empty it out. Tolerance in my opinion, is saying I’ll put up with it and hope it goes away, but it doesn’t and neither does the issue. What follows is the injury.
In the past I have reasoned with the idea that ‘maybe it’s my imagination’, ‘maybe it wasn’t personal’, ‘how do I say anything without making it a big deal’. Firstly if you picked up on something it’s likely that your intuition is telling you something is not right. Trust your instincts.
Secondly, if the issue is challenged from the moment your instincts picked up on it, then it most probably will be laid to rest very quickly.
I’m on a train and wondering if it would be inappropriate to take my boot off to release that blinking stone!

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