Christmas Fitness

Christmas seems to be one of the hardest times of year to stick to healthy eating.
Luxury foods, mulled wine, selection of cheeses, Christmas markets, late night shopping all contributing factors to self sabotage.
I’m a creature of routine and as soon as this routine is out of place I avoid replacing with another routine and end up doing nothing, I become totally drawn in by all the fun and bright lights like a moth.
I do my best to limit bad foods and I exercise all year round to undo all the good work during the Christmas period.
It’s a double whammy in my house as we also have my son’s birthday ten days before Christmas. For his birthday we have more people round then we do for Christmas so there is a table full of cake, cake and more cake.
By the end of the holidays I’m always left feeling bloated, sick, lethargic and demotivated. I become a hermit attached to my Pj’s, sofa and Tv remote.
This year it will be different. I’m aware of the situation and will not gravitate towards the downward spiral of self destruction.


How To Avoid Eating Bad
Prepare your lunch and dinner from the night before, this will stop you giving in to temptation as you wouldn’t want to waste what you made.
Stock up on healthy fridge food, this helps when you have a craving for something to eat, I usually buy a few slices of carved ham and snack with a few grapes or Sharon fruit, this really satisfies my sweet cravings.
Avoid buying mince pies and other luxury as part of your shopping, you can always have a treat when you are doing a little Christmas shopping or at a party, there’s no need to completely sacrifice everything otherwise you’ll feel like your missing out.
When I want to cave in I try to remember how the food makes me feel after eaten it, usually this puts me off.
Keeping An Exercise Routine
If you struggle to keep to your usual exercise regime cut it down to less time, do what you can rather then avoiding altogether.
Switch your exercise to something else, I usually take the dogs for a longer walk or do a 20 minute intense run on the treadmill.
If you find your spending less time doing your usual workout, make more effort with taking the stairs instead of escalators or elevators, take a walk before or after dinner.
Prepare your week in advance, schedule your exercise and if you don’t have time for exercise schedule an alternative.
Take every opportunity to be active, dance at home. park your car further away than usual.
Water and sleep are important, they will stop cravings and keep your energy up. Allow the odd late nights for a little fun but get back on track with your sleep asap, you’ll appreciate your late night as much as your rested ones.
Tell yourself you want to end the year the way you began.


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