Christmas Wonder

During Christmas many will be around family and loved ones especially on Christmas Day, for many others it can be a very lonely time of year.
For what ever the reason it maybe that one will feel lonely; the pressure of conformity to meet expectations, be at parties, buy presents and all the financial pressures that come with it, let’s not forget that though many people may be around loved ones there are also many that don’t have this advantage if they are bereaved or isolated.
I do love Christmas and all the festive trimmings, my house is a cross of Bing Crosby’s White Christmas and very much like The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I’ve been fortunate enough to always be surrounded with people I love and overly aware of people that are isolated.
I don’t think Christmas is a time for giving and receiving in the way we know it. I think Christmas should be a time to be mindful of others and appreciative of their presence in your life. Christmas is for everyone to feel and share the wonder of the lights, the colours, smile knowingly that we’re all in this together, give someone a piece of inner beauty that they can take back home with them in case they are alone. Would it not be enough to just absorb the street decorations and glitzy displays in shop windows, a simple Tree that’s not trying to compete with social medias beautiful images, a few mince pies or ginger bread biscuits with a hot chocolate whilst watching Christmas movies back to back. Does it have to be restricted to such confinement, what happened to the more the merrier?
The truth is no one really cares if the decorations match, the spirit is in you and that’s what gives Christmas a starry sparkle, so pass it on.
Being available and openly welcome in or outside the home is the warmest Christmas gift you can give.

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Merry Christmas Beautifully People Around The World
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4 thoughts on “Christmas Wonder

  1. Pauline says:

    Also, family time might not always equal happy time. You can be amongst people and still feel incredibly lonely. I know people who would rather be alone at Christmas, for various reasons.

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