My Fitbit Did Not Warn Me

A week after going back to the gym I thought I had already gone through the DOMS Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

This week there was nothing delayed about my soreness, I felt my muscles begin to stiffen up while I was on my way home. By the time I got out the shower I was suddenly shot down by Onset Pain
within seconds I was laying on the bed denoting a foetus position making a groaning sound.
Three hours later I slowly opened my eyes, I put my hands to my face and wiped away dried tears…was I crying in my sleep? As I run my fingers down my face I felt that my face had dropped, I had to consider that I may have had a minor stroke, I pushed my cheek back up and I could feel my face beginning to reform into its usual position. A few minutes later I felt a lot better until I went to get up and realised that I had over worked my body, my hips had locked up and refused to comply with the rest of my body sending signals to my brain that this part is now dead.
Eventually I managed to pull myself out of bed with the help of my arms and legs who were clearly sympathetic. That’s all I managed, I got up, gave up and fell back in bed till the morning.
The problem was I got back into the gym, got over the DOMS, found my motivation and that excitable inner girl came back…the one 24 year old. So there’s me thinking I’ve done three days of intensity workouts plus walked the dogs all week, what’s one more run…actually let’s add a little Ab work, OK and a few jumps on the plyobox hmm and the thigh abductor machine…this feels greeat. I felt amazing or maybe that was the 24 year old talking.
I’m not going to deny that I’m an excitable person who finds any idea fun. I’m the person who acts first and asks later. Today were repercussions of my actions and still I will never learn. I would like to pass my wise lessons on to you, the reader, learn by my mistakes.
Take your time in the things you do and do them in moderation then you shall reap rewards.

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