Age Is Just A Number


In my head I’m no more than 27 years of age, even my body is of a 27 year old, I’m complete with a little pouchy tummy which once nested my babies. My bum is pert and my boobs are on my chest-perrrfect so why-the-hell is the mirror reflecting someone I don’t recognise…wait that’s me!
Yeah the same for my physical agility, in my head I feel active and pretty much up for anything.
My age and agility are not chronologically synchronised.
I like to make memories with the kids so I’m always arranging an active day and I’m always regretting it as soon as I get there.
One occasion I suggested we all go indoor skydiving, there’s me thinking it can’t be as bad as jumping out of a plane; I’m petrified of heights you see. Well it turns out I’m also scared of not touching the ground.
I felt like a cool mum, i’ll be skydiving with my kids and they’ll think I’m soo cool, I even wore my shades on the way there, I wonder if this is how Angelina Jolie rolls with her kids.
We went through all the training, (half hour of it) then off we were in a queuing system, when your number comes up you stand at the door with your instructor and drop yourself in a cylinder which blows you hard enough not only to hold you but to push you up and if you are unfortunate enough to freeze and not follow what you were taught half hour before then half of you will be thrown around the cylinder while your instructor tries to hold you down, in a complete panic I began to throw my arms around as if I was trying to swim in air, I think I was trying to gain control and because that wasn’t working I instinctively grabbed whatever my hand touched regrettably this happened to be the instructors balls, obviously from the shock of it all I didn’t remember until I was half way home then I watched it in the video we bought, the whole episode was awful to watch but I have to admit I did piss myself watching it and continued to laugh for weeks later.
Note that the first person that comes out like an elegant swan is not me!

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