Why The Grass Is Not Greener

I can’t speak for others but I can speak for myself when I say that I’ve seen many pictures, postcards and photos of a beautiful scenic view sometimes of a green field, sometimes a beautiful turquoise ocean which flood me with emotions and thoughts of how I wish to be there to experience that view.
Each photo allows me to lose myself in dreams where I’m fearless on a journey of self awareness and complete fulfilment, mesmerised by the colours.
I have been fortunate to visit some of these picturesque locations, some far, some near, netherless all offering a beauty as if it were in a photo.
The difference is I never seem to be left in awe as I am from photos. When I stand on a large green field like the ones we see from a plane window I don’t seem to see the sheet of green from close up, I see the bits of grass in different shades. When I’m near the turquoise sea I see the depth that I’m too scared to enter. When I’ve driven through country lanes where trees close in to create an arch I get anxious about oncoming traffic or the dark makes it spooky. Why is this, something I felt in awe about leaves me searching for the awe when I’m near.
It makes me realise that things are not as they always appear. When we get close to a subject we lose the bigger picture, we see things in detail, the experience isn’t tangible, thankfully it’s our photos that I look back at that remind me of my experience and its the photo that brings me awe in my memories of my destination more than my experience.
It’s is not just images but also the perception of people’s lives, we make assumptions about gatherings, holidays and relationships and wonder why we don’t have that connectivity to some person or fun but how do we really know if it is how we imagine it, we don’t but we have the ability to see other people’s lives in a positive light and don’t allow the idea of what opposing life they have. In theory we are more capable of taking the positive in their life but not so easily in ours. We need daily practice to appreciate the good in our daily lives if we are going to stop looking around us to see how we measure up.
So from this I discover that it’s not the destination that brings awe but being present in the moment where possible, being mindful of your existence and where you are for that my friend is someone else’s photo, someone else’s awe, even yours when you look back at photos of you simply having a coffee at a cafĂ©.

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