Dog Taboo

I want to break the taboo about having pet dogs. That having a dog means you have a smelly house.
Just so you get the picture
I do enjoy taking the dogs for a walk but today was not one of those days.
I had been waiting half the day for the weather to perk up as it had been spitting all day. As I was going out later I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and took them out so they don’t get stressed from being locked up all day.
I don’t know what got into the Labrador, I understand he is 7 months old and still a puppy but he had the energy of a husky and the speed of a greyhound. The usual routine is that I throw the ball with ball launcher, the thing that looks like an extended hand which the ball grips in to.
The Labrador runs to fetch the ball and we repeat. Today though he kept wrestling for the ball while it was still clipped into the launcher, I would pull it one way he’d pull the other and we’ll look like a pair in disagreement, it was still spitting and he was stalling our walk. We finally got round the park he ran faster than his legs could carry him that he would fall right over his own head and skid into the patches of wet grass. Sometimes he would be so excited about me throwing the ball he would start running before the ball come out the launcher and run the wrong direction which meant I had to go fetch the ball walking through the mud, he would come and start to wrestle again, I’d struggle to pull the launcher digging my feet into the wet mud.
Eventually we got back home but he still was loaded with energy. Both dogs sprinted upstairs one pushing the other onto the wall where I now have a long skid mark of mud going from the bottom till the top. They then decided to skid down the stairs and wipe their fur as they came down, so I have mud skid marks down my carpeted stairs too continuing into the dining room on the wooden floor.
I was pleased to be going out this evening as I couldn’t bare the forensic sight the dogs had created not to mention the smell of damp dog.
For the record that does not mean I’m dirty and do not clean my house, I sweep and mop every day and have my pets groomed when necessary in between they clean themselves daily just like humans actually I know some humans that don’t shower daily.
Yes my house does at times smell like we’ve had a doggy sleep over and my feet collect fur like Velcro, oh let’s not forget the doggy footprints on my bedcovers I change my bedcovers once a week sometimes twice I can’t deny him a morning cuddle. I even have teeth marks in the Tv remote controls because he would fetch them to me while I’m in the kitchen to suggest I should sit with him. He also rips up my post if I’m not home in time but that’s because they’re bills and he is protecting me.
I share my home with my dogs, we treat them with love and respect in return they love us unconditionally and they read every individual one of us very well, I feel that’s the best trade off I could ask for, in some way I’m content with just that and nothing more.
Don’t be surprised when you come round and complain about the dog smell if I tell you to get off the sofa because that’s my Labradors seat, and stay of the single seater as that’s my King Charles seat by all means you can sit outside

One thought on “Dog Taboo

  1. mind ur iwn business!!! says:

    lolllllll Good!!! that would teach you, taking him out while its still spitting….seriously was it worth it!? i would have just waited until it stopped…or i have my dogs personal towels for this reason…i could not be asked to change bed sheets, scrub carpets etc…OMG! NOWAY!
    good piece though…couldnt stop laughing…..

    Liked by 1 person

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