Messaged someone else by mistake:

I will admit that once I start scrolling the memes I can’t stop, I do appreciate those tiny videos and random funny texts that come from friends and family members, I always feel inclined to forward on to another person that I know will appreciate them, this makes the humour for me last a longer, knowing I’ve made someone else giggle.

Then one fine morning it all changed, it was a very naughty video with a very naughty word being repeatedly used, I couldn’t wait to send it to my sister, followed with a phone call so to have not offended her as it was, like I said a very naughty video.

Mistake number 1. Was I got carried away with cleaning my bathroom whilst singing to Adele’s set fire to the rain that I forgot to phone her till half hour later. Luckily when I did phone her she had not yet received it thank goodness but if that was a sign , a warning, something, in the universe telling me to be careful with is video I just did not click on!

later afternoon I received a video messenger from Florida, my fathers friend from his younger days. I ignored it as I was busy with a friend who was round for a coffee. When my friend left I decided to look at his call and realised that I had sent him (somehow) the very naughty video, it didn’t matter that I was miles apart, hours away, time difference if 5 hours I just wanted to ru. Away, hide somewhere deep and dark and closed in. In my head I saw myself spinning in circles trying to chase and bite my own (imaginary) tail, this made me understand why dogs do it! Somewhere in that is lesson Number 2.

The friend in Florida was calling me about this naughty video it was only decent of me to return his call and play cooling….argh gah 😩 After four painful ringtones he answered

Me: Hi (very animated)

Friend: Hello, you sent me a video(chuckle)

Me: ahh yes I’m so sorry that was meant for my sister(hold on that don’t sound good either)

Friend: haha that’s ok I like those videos

After a few minutes of chatting he says (chuckle) and it means I got to have a chat with you, give my regards to all the family and your father.

lesson learnt be careful and be sorry when you need to be. Something good may come out of it.

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